The Avenger: Thomas Bennet and a Father’s Lament was named one of the top 10 audiobooks of 2019 according to!

Praise for Amanda’s performance in that book: 

The series narrator, Amanda Berry, continues to amaze as she takes on narrator voice and oodles of others who are mostly English, but also French, German, and more. She does well with both genders and social class differences. She doesn’t lean hard on the drama though not to say she is lacking in inflection. Rather, Amanda lets the story tell itself.

Praise for Amanda’s performance in Henry Fitzwilliam’s War:

Amanda Berry is a new to me narrator. I really enjoyed her work and thought she was great fit for this historical time travel- fantasy setting. Her accents, gender voices, pace, and tone were a great match. I’m glad to know that she has narrated another from the series and I can’t wait to pick up my earbuds and listen to more of her work and more of this series. It stands up well to a re-read/listen.

-Sophia Rose, Audible review

I must say, the narrator, Amanda Berry, gave a compelling ‘voice’ to the story. I thoroughly enjoyed how she varied the accents and voice of each of the characters. She drew me in.

-Carole in Canada, Audible review

Amanda Berry’s narration was crisp and brought life to the characters beautifully.

-Amazon Customer, Audible review

Praise for Amanda’s performance in Lizzy Bennet Meets the Countess:

Amanda Berry once more made my imagination run wild with how Elizabeth, Countess Kate, Maggie, Mr Robards and Henry Fitzwilliam should sound like as live characters. I can only compliment Mr Jacobson’s choice of narrator for yet another piece of his Bennet Wardrobe Series.

-Sophia, Audible review