New Books for Your Earholes!

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Henry Fitzwilliam’s War and Lizzy Bennet Meets the Countess are currently available on Audible and Amazon. The Keeper and The Exile are currently in production.

Exciting news! My first two books are available for purchase on Audible and Amazon!

Frankly, being my first books, I’m just glad they passed the ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) quality check process! These books are two novellas in an independent series so there’s a lot more to come – 6 full novels in fact, which I have the honor of performing.

These books situate the beloved Bennet sisters (creations of Ms. Jane Austen in the classic novel Pride and Prejudice) in locales from their home in Regency-era Hertfordshire to WW2 France, to 2013 London, due to their family’s possession of a wardrobe that allows the Bennet user to travel in time (à la The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe or akin to the flue network in Harry Potter – in this universe, time travel devices in Great Britain are unquestionably *a thing* with their existence supported by other famous British literary works.) The wardrobe sends them to a time in the future that it deems will teach them a lesson or help them in their personal development – but as Lydia Bennet is known to have said, “the wardrobe can have a nasty sense of humor…

I’m having a ton of fun in the Bennet Wardrobe universe and personally can’t wait for the rest of Don’s books! Check out his page on Goodreads!

You can listen to samples and purchase them below:

Lizzy Bennet Meets the Countess on Amazon and Audible.

Henry Fitzwilliam’s War on Amazon and Audible.