November 2018: Been hard at work on Don Jacobson’s Bennet Wardrobe Series! Published The Keeper and The Exile, Part 1, and The Exile, Part 2 will be out shortly! Check them out on Audible.

Also! I My voice will be starring appearing off stage off Broadway at Urban Stages in New Light Theater Project’s production of Life x 3 by Yasmina Reza. If you’re in the city, definitely check it out to hear me as a crying toddler.

July 2018: My first two books are available on iTunes and Amazon! Check them out and leave a review! New post all about them including samples on my blog.

Lizzy Bennet Meets the Countess on Amazon and Audible.

Henry Fitzwilliam’s War on Amazon and Audible.

May 2018: Welp, after moving away from my home of 13 years I’ve been able to work on some VO over the past month – commercial, cartoon, and a fine arts project! Currently in production for three books in The Bennet Wardrobe Series by Don Jacobson. I’ll be narrating Lizzy Bennet Meets the CountessHenry Fitzwilliam’s War, and The Exile: The Countess Visits Longbourne.  If you’re an Austen fan check him out on Goodreads!

…And then buy the audiobooks when they’re out on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Also: This is What Starting a Blog Looks Like

So that’s a thing. Stay tuned y’all! Sending love from the Northwest!

March ’18:  You can currently hear Amanda’s character work on Season 1 of The Ollie and Moon Show on Sprout and Netflix!